Our vSOC service is designed to support organisations requirement for Cyber Security & Security Monitoring. Allowing for requirements gathering, design, handover and training of staff to operate the Cyber security operations centre. The vSOC service – CSOCs, SSOCs, SIEM allows protective monitoring logs, threat intelligence feeds, CERT and vulnerability information fusion.


  • Enterprise design, full life cycle engagement of the SOC
  • Cyber security and situational awareness
  • Security compliance, MI reporting, Dashboard and Protective monitoring
  • Virtual SOC, SSOC, CSOC
  • On a time and material basis
  • Experience and expertise
  • Automated Threat Intelligence Feed
  • Real-time alerting of security events and incidents
  • Correlation of events and logs from multiple sources
  • Various plugins to integrate to various log sources, Apps and Infrastructure
  • Plugins for SCADA and PLCs
  • Customisable reports, and compliance reports for ISO2700x, PCI-DSS, GPG13, FSMA, HIPAA, GDPR etc

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