Research & Development

Research Series has a dedicated research and development team (the Intelligence and Security Assurance (ISA) Subcommittee, E-Security Group) that engages in scholarly, systematic and innovative research on computational intelligence, cyber security, computer network security, enterprise architecture, security operations centres, information assurance and risk management. The team has published a number of notable articles, journals and books as are shown in our research section.

We undertake independent and collaborative research on intelligence and security informatics, cyber security, network analysis, IT market intelligence, IT branding and customer relations, complex data analysis, information systems integration, business intelligence and national cyber security strategy. We encourage collaborative research, where we work together with vendors, customers, consumers, academic institutions and government departments on various projects. We encourage partnership, collaboration, sponsorships, internships, and all forms of trade and research affiliations.

We have participated in collaborative research with the Innovate UK (then, Technology Strategy Board (TSB)), British Telecommunications (BT Design & Innovate), and currently interested in working with the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), Government Digital Services (GDS) and the Homeland Security.