Risk Management

Seldom has a week passed without an announcement of a particular application or operating system vulnerability or the other. According to our research investigations, vulnerabilities in systems, application and networks are on the increase, and vulnerabilities to information systems cannot be completely eliminated. As old and known vulnerabilities are patched, new ones are discovered. This is quite scary and disturbing; hence an organisation that wants to protect its valued assets needs to start taking a serious and proactive stand against vulnerabilities that may exist in its valued assets.

Unfortunately, what most organisations do is “fire fight” by reactively patching their systems, where possible, once vulnerability is discovered. But this practice is not recommended, lags in time, and grossly insufficient. At Research Series we help organisations take a proactive stand in discovering vulnerabilities that may exist in valued assets, and also take proactive measures to put countermeasures in place, hence lowering the risk of the assets being compromised. Further, we assist organisations to identify vulnerabilities that may exist in their valued assets, and provide adequate risk management protection plan.