Secure Collaboration

It is surprising how many organisations take time to carry out active network baselining, taking empirical statistics of the performance of their functioning systems in order to determine their optimal resource performance. With network baselining, the availability of systems and network resources are measured to determine their normal performance with, and without peak utilisation, performance under no load, load and heavy load utilisations.
Research Series takes delight in assisting you with network and security monitoring, to determine network baselines, which helps you plan for the future in the following areas:

  • Capability planning,
  • Infrastructure and network optimisation,
  • Control plane resource utilisation and optimisation,
  • Accurate decisions about network thresholds
  • Identify current network problems
  • Predict future problems
  • Gain situation awareness

We provide a number of other services as follows:

We design, deploy, manage and support e-collaboration services, such as secure private cloud computing, shared ICT infrastructure & systems, video, web and audio conferencing and remote connections services. We specialise in designing and deploying secure email and messaging services appropriate to conveying classified information within and outside government, such as sensitive, restricted and high grade level information.

We offer the following e-collaboration services:

  • Cloud computing
  • Shared ICT infrastructure & systems
  • Video & audio conferencing solution
  • Secure email services
  • Secure office suites
  • Secure document repository
  • Secure messaging communications system