Security Operations Centre

We design, deploy, handover and train your staff to run the Cyber security operations centre (CSOC), and where required, we will resource, run and maintain CSOC. Our specialty is in designing and deploying SOCs – CSOCs, SSOCs, vSOCs, computer security incident and response teams (CSIRT), computer emergency and response teams (CERT), intelligence and fusion centres, national cyber security programmes and cyber security projects. Through our assignments with big government departments, we have established a reputation as one of the known and leading micro subject matter experts (SMEs) to engage in cyber security projects, such as.

  • Cyber SOC, Strategic SOC and Joint SOC
  • National Computer Security Incident Response Centres (CSIRT)
  • Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Government Computer Security Operations Centres (SOC)
  • National Cyber Security Programmes
  • Government ICT Projects
  • Intelligence Fusion Centres
  • National Cyber Security & National Intelligence Services
  • IT Health Checks (ITHC) & Penetration Testing
  • Security Advisory, Intrusion Detection, Data Fusion, and
  • Protection to Critical National Infrastructures (CNI)

Further, we design, deploy, manage and support digital forensic programmes for organisations, comprising e-discovery, digital evidence gathering, preservation, analysis, chain of custody and presentation in a court of law. We are hugely successful in the rollout of enterprise-wide forensic readiness initiatives, which assist organisations, prepare and be ready in the event of incidents leading to investigations such as:

  • Create National Forensic Readiness Programmes
  • Implement controls to detect Threats & Computer Crimes
  • Gather evidence relating to Computer Crimes, Abuse, Policy Violations & Security Incidents
  • Support existing Governmental ICT Projects

We are also on the Government G-Cloud v9, Digital Marketplace (DMP). Our vSOC service, which is a sought-after Cyber security operations centre service is available on this link.

vSOC service is designed to support organisations requirement for Cyber Security & Security Monitoring. Allowing for requirements gathering, design, handover and training of staff to operate the Cyber security operations centre. The vSOC service – CSOCs, SSOCs, SIEM allows protective monitoring logs, threat intelligence feeds, CERT and vulnerability information fusion.


  • Supports digital forensic programmes for the organisation
  • Provides huge cost savings
  • Offers Protective Monitoring
  • Offer e-discovery and digital evidence gathering
  • Flexible and customisable reporting
  • Preservation, analysis, chain of custody and presentation
  • Cyber Incident Response Processes
  • Training
  • Quick & Easy to setup and deploy
  • Flexibility and Customisation
  • Compliance to Cyber Essentials Plus, CiSP Threat Intelligence Sharing Partners & Cyber Insurance

We offer three SOC services, Classic, Enhanced and Supreme.

Each service is designed to meet specific customer requirements, ranging from detection of common attacks, sophisticated attacks to addressing compliance obligations, and policy requirements. Further, we have provided granular features of each service to allow customers to choose the most appropriate service to meet their unique needs,  the features allow customer to compare explicitly amongst our vSOC services.

Interested in one of the vSOC services, please do not hesitate to contact us by completing this form. Thank you!


  • Enterprise design, full life cycle engagement of the SOC
  • Cyber security and situational awareness
  • Security compliance, MI reporting, Dashboard and Protective monitoring
  • Virtual SOC, SSOC, CSOC
  • On a time and material (T&M) basis
  • Experience and expertise
  • Automated and realtime Threat Intelligence feeds
  • Cros-correlation of threat intelligence feeds against the monitored logs in order to identify threats and IoCs
  • Real-time alerting of security events and incidents
  • Correlation of events and logs from multiple sources
  • Realtime report, and compliance reports for ISO2700x, Good Practice Guide #13 (GPG13), FSMA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA etc.
  • Customisable reporting, supporting drill-down rich feature-set that can be tailored to CxOs, and Technical stakeholders alike
  • Customisable Usecases and rulesets for various threat matrix and scenarios
  • Various rich set of plugins for Applications, Apps, Servers, ICT and even SCADA systems and PLCs
  • API for various Systems and Apps

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