Our vSOC service is designed to support organisations requirement for Cyber Security & Security Monitoring. Allowing for requirements gathering, design, handover and training of staff to operate the Cyber security operations centre. The vSOC service – CSOCs, SSOCs, SIEM allows protective monitoring logs, threat intelligence feeds, CERT and vulnerability information fusion.


  • Enterprise design, full life cycle engagement of the SOC
  • Cyber security and situational awareness
  • Security compliance, MI reporting, Dashboard and Protective monitoring
  • Virtual SOC, SSOC, CSOC
  • On a time and material basis
  • Experience and expertise
  • Automated Threat Intelligence Feed
  • Real-time alerting of security events and incidents
  • Correlation of events and logs from multiple sources
  • Various plugins to integrate to various log sources, Apps and Infrastructure
  • Plugins for SCADA and PLCs
  • Customisable reports, and compliance reports for ISO2700x, PCI-DSS, GPG13, FSMA, HIPAA, GDPR etc

Please checkout our G-Cloud v9.0 product page, and contact us straightaway for inquiries.

Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC).

We have now been asked to lead on another piece of work for another central government department in building their Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC). This is great news, and one we are very proud of, too.

Strategic SOC

We are pleased to inform you that Research Series successfully completed the biulding and delopyment of the Strategic SOC for a central government department. This is a tremendous achievement, one we are very proud of.