Product Manager

  • Security Clearance
    All staff must be SC cleared. We will ask bidders for details of key personnel, if successful the bidder will be asked for confirmation of security clearance or we will initiate clearance process.
  • Location: London
  • Rate: £650 – £750
  • Start date: 25th August 2017
  • Duration of contract: 24 Months


The project is providing analytic processing on data arriving within a window of opportunity in order to support Government Department business needs. Specifically, to analyse the data for subjects (both people and goods) approaching the UK border and provide staff with analytics driven insights to allow intervention where necessary.


Delivery of a number of operational trials that if successful, and provides the required level of benefits will proceed to full implementation using the analysis of data for goods and people, which is on the whole, currently a manual process. The delivery of a data analytics capability to Border Force will enhance their ability to identify targets that produce a positive result, in terms of detection and intervention

Essential Skils

  • Experience working with the Agile Manifesto and act as a champion for working with agility 10%
  • Experience working on problem statements and working with a multidisciplinary team to validate the problem, refining it and narrowing its focus until it becomes feasible and valuable to solve 15%
  • In depth knowledge of machine learning and big data, including graph databases such as Neo4J 10%
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Data stream automation, such as NIFI with data stream processing such as Spark 10%
  • Demonstrable experience of Probabilistic Matching, specifically IBM Big Match 10%
  • Systems messaging technology such as Kafka 5%
  • Data Science model building using Python 5%

Nice to have skills and experiences

  • Experience of prioritising spend based on return on investment and support to the creation/development of a business case
  • Exposure or understanding of the Pragmatic Marketing Product Management Framework


To apply for this post, please send me a copy of your current and up to date CV to